A1 Mobile Storage Leasing

A Homegrown Company with Homegrown Values

A1 Mobile Storage Leasing was started nearly 30 years ago by owner Bill Moore, who still runs and operates A1 today. He started A1 Mobile Storage Leasing with the objective in mind to serve Michigan small businesses and provide the best possible storage options to them.

From there, the business has grown into one that handles large corporations’ needs in addition to our fellow local Michigan businesses. A1 MSL always has the customer in mind. Only a Michigan family business can provide individualized care, fast and reliable service, and a variety of storage options tailored to your needs, all in one company!

These days, A1 Mobile Storage Leasing can provide a multitude of storage options to you, ranging from mobile mini storage to fully customized portable storage containers tailored specifically to your need. Our options range from 40 foot containers to dry and refrigerated vans – just to name a couple. As the business has grown over the past decades, Bill and his family has worked to make sure their values remain strong, and that the customer always comes first.

When asked what A1 Mobile Storage Leasing’s ultimate mission was, Bill emphasized customer loyalty and satisfaction:

“Our business is nothing without the people who have built it and continue to allow us to grow in the way that we have. This includes not only my family, who I started this business with, and our valued employees who work hard to make sure A1 is providing the best service possible, but also our customers. Without our customers, we would obviously not be here. We’ve worked hard to provide our base with the best service possible continually, and I think that’s reflected in the satisfaction we’ve seen throughout our 30 years in business. I’m proud of our reputation for continued customer satisfaction and loyalty – it’s what we’re all about.”

Customized to You

After over 3 decades in the storage business, A1 has grown and expanded our capabilities to fit the needs of our customers. We seek to be Michigan’s one stop shop for all things storage. We

offer portable storage containers in a wide array of sizes, office trailers, storage trailers, portable bathrooms, dumpsters, construction fencing, vans and more! We’ve got a little bit of everything, and all in a multitude of sizes to ensure we have what you need for your business, or for your residential needs.

At A1 Mobile Storage Leasing, whether we’re working with a large corporation or with our next-door-neighbor, our mission is the same: keep our customer happy and satisfied. We offer great customer service, personal care, and excellent prices to make sure you receive the best treatment possible.

Contact us today to talk to a representative to learn more, or request a quote today for any storage needs you may have.