Tire Storage Solutions


Tire Storage Solutions can save your company time, money, and space. Our patented (US Patent # 9,457,703) tire storage unit secures your tires so that they are easily accessible by staff with the capability to store approximately up to 1000 tires. Unlike previous storage options which use horizontal and barrel stacking, our design utilizes vertical shelving. This ensures that inventory does not become damaged and provides the most space for storing tires.

Previous Storage Method

Tire Storage Solutions


Leasing a tire storage unit can pay for itself! There are many benefits to using this storage option as opposed to others that are currently on the market.


  • One tire storage unit provides the same amount of space as approximately three 40 foot shipping containers- This increases parking spaces for your customers to use and ensures customers are continually coming through the door.

  • Reduce your payroll expenses today!- Our shelving system decreases the amount of time necessary that employees will have to spend on inventory and stocking tires.

  • Decreases liability with our secure, patented system- As a business owner, one main objective is always to reduce the amount of risk that your business generates. With our racking, which firmly keeps the tires in place, one can be assured that employees will be less likely to have an accident while working with inventory.


Q: I have different size tires that I am looking to store, with your system, can I adjust the racking so that all tire sizes can safely fit into place?

A: Yes, our racking can be customized so that different size tires can be safely stored into place. Horizontal beams can be adjusted easily to any size you need. This will maximize your return on investment.

Q: My business needs are constantly changing, what is the standard leadtime necessary for leasing a unit?

A: Tire Storage Solutions uses a state of the art ordering system so that our units can be delivered from our storage yards to your business in the shortest amount of time possible. Typically, units can be delivered within a week with some special orders taking longer due to special production processes.