Are You Getting the Best Quality Mobile Storage Container? 

Whether you’re looking into renting or buying a mobile storage container for your business, you’re probably intrigued by these units’ versatility and ease of use. From being able to store raw materials on a job site to storing excess retail inventory, you can do almost anything with the right storage solution. 


However, when picking out a mobile storage container, it’s important to make sure that the quality of the container you’re receiving is what your supplier claims it is. This is especially important when saving money by renting or buying a used container. 


Below are some of the best ways to check for the quality and durability of your mobile storage container to make sure that your items are kept safe and that you’re getting the best possible container for your money. 


  • Beware of Online Photos

In the case of small, local mobile storage container providers that aren’t as big of an operation, many suppliers will combine photos of multiple storage containers to make them appear as if they’re all from one container. By using photos of the best aspects of multiple different containers, they can create the misleading impression that the container you’re looking at online is actually in much better shape than it is. When looking at your container, always compare it to what you’ve been advertised to ensure the quality is the same. 


For mobile storage providers that are larger in scale, they may not post photos of the specific container you’ll be receiving but instead will post a general photo of the unit you’re interested in to depict the overall size, shape, and quality of the container. While many businesses do this, make sure to cross-check the actual container you receive or are looking at, especially if it’s a used unit, to make sure you’re receiving the same quality as the one that’s been advertised and that your container is the same as described. 


  • Inspect the Exterior

The best way to make sure that you’ve received the type of container you deserve is by checking the interior and exterior of the container yourself. When inspecting the outside of a mobile storage container, you’ll want to first walk around the unit to look for corrosion, rust, or damage. 


If you see a couple of dents in the container, that’s not as big of a deal, but any corrosion suggests that the container you’re looking at isn’t in as good of shape as your supplier claims. Don’t forget to get into the nooks and crannies of the unit to check seals around the edges, corner castings, and paint. 


  • Check the Interior

Once you’ve surveyed and inspected the outside of your mobile storage container, it’s time to inspect the inside as well. When checking the interior, the first thing to look at is the unit’s door. Look at its door fittings, gaskets, seals, and locking mechanisms to make sure there’s no sign of corrosion, and that they’re airtight and in good working condition. 


Once you’re inside the unit, lookout for signs of mold, or the smell of mold or dampness within the unit. This can indicate that the unit isn’t as watertight as it should be. Additionally, enter the container and close the door to look for any sign of light getting in. If you can see light through any cracks or corners in your container, move on – it’s not as watertight as every storage container for rent or sale should be. 


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