Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Mobile Storage Containers

When making any portable storage purchase, you should always aim to get the most high-quality container for your budget. After all, buying mobile storage containers is a fantastic way to save money on a storage solution that will truly work for you and give you great benefits. 

Introducing a storage container to your business or job site for extra storage allows you to expand the amount of storage space you have with ease, and most importantly, without breaking the bank. When you bring a portable storage container into the mix, you’ll free up tons of space, giving yourself plenty of storage and the ability to expand without having to move your operation. On top of this, you’ll also have an easily transportable container if you need to move, ship or transport any physical goods or materials. 

One of the best things about buying a mobile storage container is that they’ll keep your materials and contents safe and out of harm’s way until they’re ready to get used. However, when you’re looking into buying a mobile storage container, you’ll need to avoid some common mistakes so you get the right container for you at the right price. 

  • Not Checking for Water Tightness

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a mobile storage container is not checking for water tightness. If you purchase a mobile storage unit from a supplier that doesn’t provide the most high-quality containers, they might not do the best job of inspecting their used or refurbished containers to make sure they’re in the best shape. Always check for both wind and water tightness when inspecting any container you look at so you can avoid damaging your items and losing a lot of money. 

  • Buying Mobile Storage Containers with Rust

Another important detail to look out for when looking at mobile storage containers is the presence of any rust. Though one of the biggest perks to mobile storage containers is that they’re made out of high-grade steel, this material is unfortunately susceptible to rust damage over time if not properly maintained. When looking at portable storage containers for sale, you should always conduct a thorough investigation of your container before you buy. Rust is usually pretty easily visible, but make sure to check nooks and crannies to sniff out any damage that could be hiding. 

  • Malfunctioning Doors

Always check the doors of the mobile storage container you’re looking at, as you’d be surprised by the issues that can occur with your unit’s doors if you don’t inspect them beforehand. When looking at mobile storage containers, always make sure that the unit’s doors can open and close easily, and that you can lock them with no issue. Look out for door gasket problems as well. If you don’t catch or ignore door gasket issues, it can lead to expensive issues later on to correct the airflow or weather stripping on your container. 

No matter what kind of mobile storage container you’re looking for, make sure you’re working with A1 Mobile Storage Leasing, which will ensure that you’re getting the best and most high-quality options for your mobile storage container needs.