Finding the Right Mobile Storage Containers: What to Know

Finding the right low-cost mobile storage containers for your business can make or break the organization of your operation or of your job site. One of the best things you can do for your business, in turn, is doing the right research into what goes into finding the right storage solution for your needs.

If you’re looking to invest in portable storage, you’re probably looking for organizational and efficient solutions that will keep your business running at its highest level and to keep the materials or items you’re storing safe and sound. Whether just looking for storage solutions for your space issues or for a moving container that will allow your business to transport and store items effectively at your new or current office or storefront, portable storage containers can create the best experience for whatever you need them for. Their affordability, versatility and more can create the best storage or moving solution for you.

So what do you need to know when looking for a mobile storage container? Let’s get into what you should look for in a mobile storage container for you and your business that will suit your needs.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Storage Container Supplier

Prior to making a big investment like mobile storage tends to be, finding the right mobile storage provider makes all the difference in ensuring that you get the best pricing, leasing terms if renting, and in finding containers made out of only the most high-quality materials. It will also let you have access to the best inventory of container options, and have a good range to choose from for your special needs.

When looking for mobile storage containers for your business, always look for an experienced company that has a positive reputation and good online reviews from a wide range of customers and businesses. Ensure that their containers effectively serve a diverse range of needs and uses, and that they have a track record of providing effective and safe long-term storage.

Mobile storage container providers should also place an emphasis on providing clients of all needs and types with the best possible customer service, and leasing or renting options that are tailored to them and that work with their needs.

So what should you look for during your search for portable storage containers? Before looking for the right supplier, make sure you know what kind of container you’re looking for so you go into your search with the right container and right budget in mind. This will also help narrow down your options much easier amongst the wide inventory you might have at your disposal.

How to Find the Right Portable Storage Container

Outside of finding the right supplier, finding the right container for your needs will truly let you hone in on what your business’ unique needs are and how to acquiesce them. Having the right container provider can also guide you in finding the right container for you, so if you’re not dead set on one type, don’t worry too much about it. What you should focus more on is knowing how to look for a container and having a general working knowledge of the types of mobile storage containers that are available to you.

What are the Types of Mobile Storage Containers?

If you’re not familiar with the mobile storage container industry, knowing the different types of containers out there lets you go into the entire process with an informed eye and will let you make an easier decision when it comes down to choosing the best type for your business.

The three main categories of storage solutions that A1 Mobile Storage Leasing specifically provides our clients with are storage containers, shipping containers, and storage trailers. Let’s get into the differences between each type.

    • Mobile Storage Containers

First thing’s first – mobile storage containers. These containers come in 20’ and 40’ varieties and can serve a variety of purposes and needs for many different industries. Built from high-grade steel that allows them to be fortified and withstand the elements, theft, potential damage, and more, these containers will keep your contents safe and secure, regardless of what you’re storing in them.

Having multiple size variations to choose from also makes it easy to determine what your needs really are, and how much or how little you’ll be storing in them. You can also upgrade as needed thanks to our flexible leasing options.

Mobile storage and shipping containers can often be interchangeable depending on the use you have for them.

    • Mobile Storage Trailers

The biggest difference between mobile storage containers and trailers is that trailers are designed for transport or to be loaded into a loading dock. They come in straight, drop deck, and refrigerated options to give you the right variety for your business’ specific uses. They’re also ideal for those looking for commercial moving options, since they can be loaded at your convenience and hitched up to a semi easily for transport.

Storage trailers are also commonly used on construction sites due to their ease of transport. They’re also perfect for transporting temperature-sensitive items thanks to their refrigerated options.

    • Mobile Storage Uses

In addition to the uses we’ve previously stated for each container, mobile storage, shipping containers and storage trailers can also be repurposed for customers to meet specific needs. From mobile offices, to homes, to dumpsters, mobile storage solutions can be anything you need them to be. They can be easily outfitted with lighting insulation, electricity, and more!

When looking for a mobile storage container, having the right knowledge going into the process will let you find the best container and best supplier for your needs. See what A1 Mobile Storage Leasing’s expert staff of storage professionals and wide inventory of top quality containers can do for your business today.