How to Get Your Business Organized in 2022

After the busy holiday season, it can be easy for you or your employees to feel a little out of sorts or all over the place. Between holiday vacations, work or family gatherings, or just planning for the new year, it could be time for a very much needed reset for everyone. So what’s the best way to reset and get your office or professional space ready for the new year and what’s to come? Take control of 2022 by getting ahead of spring cleaning – start your decluttering early!

Clean Out Your Office in the New Year

Over the course of 2021, you might be surprised with all of the excess furniture or random items your office could have accrued, especially as things oscillate from work-from-home environments, to in-person or hybrid work, and back to remote as COVID cases rise again. Especially if you’ve downsized your space to make your environment more accommodating for the smaller amount of employees coming in-person to work, you might find your environment full of extra furniture, equipment, or just supplies you don’t need anymore.

So what do you do with all of these excess items? Decluttering an entire office can be pretty intimidating, but luckily for you, we’ve got the best tips to make sure you’re set up for success. 


How to Declutter Your Office

So where do you even start in this process? When decluttering an office space, it’s easy to get very overwhelmed not only by the space itself, but also by the amount of things you have to go through to clear out the area. This might sound silly, but offices really are full of random items that take up a huge amount of space – even beyond that of just furniture, equipment, and work-related items. You can be surprised at what you find!

So what’s the best strategy when it comes to decluttering a space like this, especially if your office has not been cleared out in a long time? The best way to clear out your office of unnecessary items is to first categorize and organize all of the items in your space. From furniture, to equipment, to miscellaneous items, make sure everything can be separated into different categories in order to determine what’s needed and necessary, and what really isn’t. 

Once you’ve categorized and organized things a little better, you can then determine what you’d like to keep, what you’re donating or selling, and what you’ll be throwing away. From there, it just concerns making room for what you’re keeping, and arranging for what you’re not to be disposed of or gotten rid of. You’ve done it!

If you’re still finding yourself experiencing space issues even after clearing out your office space, it’s time to look into the rental of a portable storage unit for everything you need to make your office a clean, clutter-free, and workable space. Consult our expert customer service team at A1 Mobile Storage Leasing for everything you need to know about mobile storage leasing and why it can make finding storage solutions for you and your business a breeze.