How to Maintain Your Mobile Storage Container

When you invest in or lease portable storage containers, you’re setting your business or job site up for success by having reliable, on-site sources of storage that lets you reliably store your equipment or excess inventory with ease. 

Having mobile storage containers at your business’ disposal also lets you have access to whatever you’re storing easily while keeping things contained and out of the way. 

Portable shipping containers are also the most affordable storage solution for your needs, and allow you to get the best value for your money. So how do you take care of your mobile storage container properly so it keeps your items safe and shielded from the weather or damage? Let’s explore everything you need to know about mobile storage container maintenance. 

Tips to Keep Your Mobile Storage Container in its Best Shape

When you lease or buy a mobile storage container, maintaining your container is a huge part in making sure that your items are kept safe and that your container is never compromised in any way. 

  • Keep Your Roof Clear

One of the most important things to do to keep your mobile storage container in its best condition is to never store items on its roof. Though the container itself is strong, fortified, and designed to provide maximum security for your items, the roof of your mobile storage isn’t made to offer support or have items stacked on top of it. Having heavy items stored on its roof can also result in the roof flexing and bending, which is terrible for the infrastructure and integrity of your container. 

In addition to avoiding storing or stacking items on top of your container, take additional care to not climb or walk on top of your container, as it can cause damage to your roof. 

  • Find the Best Place to Store Your Container

Because your container will probably remain on-site or in one spot for a long period of time, finding the best place to store a mobile storage container is important to keep the container and its contents safe. 

Store your container (if possible) out of the way of places that would leave it vulnerable to snow or ice buildup, as well as places where it might accrue excessive amounts of leaves, debris, or water on the roof. Though these containers are built to withstand the elements of keeping your items safe, there’s no reason to intentionally have them out in poor conditions. 

  • Have a Solid Foundation

Storing your container on a hard, flat surface is important to support and properly allow your container to set in the area. If you only have soft areas available, just make sure your area is flat and prepared for the settlement of the container into the ground over time. 

At the end of the day, practicing proper maintenance comes down to what your container is holding, what climate or environment you’re in, and practicing proper safety precautions. Additionally, if you’re just leasing your container, you’ll also probably receive support or services from A1MSL to aid or perform regular maintenance.