How to Use Mobile Storage to Embrace Minimalism

A lot of people have thought of embracing or adopting a more minimalist lifestyle at some point. You know, just get rid of all of our stuff, only get the essentials, only use what we need, and be content with just wearing the same clothes all the time. Minimalism is a great concept that comes with a lot of benefits for those who fully embrace it, and can free people from being obsessed with shopping or being attached to material things. 

However, minimalism can be (ironically) very overwhelming for a lot of people and can be very hard to adapt to – especially if you’re a big shopper, or just love having a lot of items on your walls. So how can you incorporate aspects of minimalism into your life, without getting rid of all of your stuff? Let’s explore minimalism without the commitment, and how it can help you set the tune for minimalist living in 2022 with the help of mobile storage. 


How Does Minimalism Work? 

Prior to exploring what minimalism can mean for you and how to incorporate minimalism into your life, let’s first explore what minimalism is, and how it works for many people. Though generally regarded as just a lifestyle choice that lets people live without material things and only use the bare minimum, that’s not all minimalism is!


Minimalism got its start back in the 1950s and 1960s but has seen a big revival in recent years as a reaction to the overconsumption and heavy weight of materialism going on in the world today. Due to calls for sustainability and the issues of fast fashion, many have adopted this lifestyle to try and curb their consumption of wasteful or harmful clothing in general.  This isn’t just in the fashion industry, either, minimalist living is reflected in all aspects of life. It’s not just an aesthetic – it’s truly a lifestyle! 


Whether you’re looking to start embracing just one aspect of minimalism in your life or to completely live by it’s ideas, it’s doable, as long as you don’t try and make too many huge changes at once. 


Let’s explore how you can incorporate aspects of the idea into your every day, but without getting overwhelmed. 


How to Start Embracing Minimalism

As we said prior, minimalism can ironically be a pretty overwhelming lifestyle to adopt, especially if you don’t ease yourself into it. Going from a normal lifestyle and buying habits to all of sudden being very conscious of what you’re buying and whether or not it’s actually helpful or necessary can be pretty jarring for a lot of people. 

From clothes to furniture, to decor, to furniture – only the essentials are emphasized in the idea of minimalism, which can be a rough transition if not done right. 

Often, the idea of embracing minimalism involves selling or donating items you don’t need or use, but it doesn’t necessarily have to involve everything. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with gradually incorporating more minimalist ideas into your life, instead of going full-on all at once. There are plenty of ways to adopt minimalism without getting rid of all of your stuff, after all. Want to give minimalism a test run, or don’t want to commit to getting rid of furniture or your surplus of unneeded items just yet? Utilize mobile storage containers to keep your things out of sight and out of mind while you test out this lifestyle. Check out A1 Mobile Storage Leasing’s various options of size and type of storage container so you can find just the one for your needs.