Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Mobile Storage Container

Making a portable storage container purchase allows you to create the best storage experience for you and your business needs.

You should always look for the most high-quality container for the best prices and the best leasing terms, but actually finding a supplier and container to fulfill all of those needs can be a lot tougher than you’d imagine. Finding the best mobile storage containers for your business will let you expand and house everything you need while also saving money in the process.

Why Use Mobile Storage Containers?

Using a mobile storage container at your business or job site expands your ability to effectively store your inventory, free up tons of main floor space, and allows you to avoid a costly physical expansion of your business or office space. In addition to these factors, you can also benefit from how easily transportable mobile storage containers are in the event of needing to transport any physical goods or materials, or in the event of your business moving.

When looking for the right mobile storage container, it’s important to do your proper research and find the right one for you, and to get the best deal. During this process, always make sure to avoid common mistakes so you get the right container for you at the right price. Which mistakes might these be, you might ask? We’ve got all of the best tips for shopping around for a mobile storage container.

    1. Not Checking the Container’s Water Tightness

When buying a mobile storage container, you should always check for the water tightness of the unit to ensure that no damage will come to your items when left out in various sorts of weather.

Keep in mind that if you’re not sure of the quality of the container you’re looking at (which can be avoided by working with A1 Mobile Storage Leasing), the supplier may not properly vet or inspect your container to ensure that its structure is intact and fortified. This is especially the case for refurbished containers, which have been used in the past for any sort of use. Since these containers may not have been inspected, it’s hard to know if they sustained damage from past use, especially since you don’t know how the container was used in the past.

When inspecting a potential container, look out for evidence of water buildup or past water damage, which can indicate a lack of water tightness. You should also always check for wind and air tightness to ensure the complete safety of your items while stored in a container.

    1. Not Inspecting Your Container for Rust

When looking at mobile storage containers, in addition to checking your container out for signs of a lack of water or air tightness, you should also always check for rust. Since your mobile storage container will be made out of high-grade steel, you’ll receive the benefit of having a container that’s reinforced and able to protect your items and keep them secure. However, if not properly contained, steel can be susceptible to rust build-up over time.

When going through mobile storage container inventories, inspect the container thoroughly for signs of rust or disrepair. Check every nook and cranny, as well as the doors, locks, and anywhere rust could possibly build up. Though rust is usually easily visible, make sure to check everywhere to look out for any signs of damage.

    1. Improper Door Function

Checking the doors of your mobile storage container may not seem like a big deal, but you would be surprised with how much damage doors, hinges, or locks can sustain, especially in the case of refurbished containers.

When looking for a new container, make sure you know going into the situation whether the containers in question are refurbished or brand new. When going into your inspection, check your container unit’s doors first. Ensure that the unit’s doors can open or close easily and safely and that you can lock them with ease. You should experience no issue in doing this, and shouldn’t have to try very hard to get doors back in place or to get the lock back in place.

You should also look out for gasket issues when inspecting your doors or locks. Having door gasket problems can become a big issue later on, and can be very expensive to fix the gasket themselves or to correct the airflow or possible weather stripping on your container.

Whether looking for a refurbished or new mobile storage container for a wide variety of uses, ensure that you’re working with a company that will provide you with the best possible container quality, the most flexible leasing policies, and the most cost-effective and reasonable prices. The best way to ensure that you find this is through working with A1 Mobile Storage Leasing. We’ll provide you and your business with the best containers at the most reasonable price points. When you’re looking for the best mobile storage containers, look for A1 Mobile Storage Leasing!