Ways to Pack Your Mobile Storage Container Effectively

Mobile storage containers can have many varied uses – whether for office storage, construction projects, or for more residential uses, like for moving or personal storage.

No matter what you’re using your mobile storage container for, at the end of the day packing it and getting all of your items organized and stored into your container properly can seem like a pretty daunting process, even if you’re done it plenty of times before. However, it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re using your portable storage container for residential or commercial use, there are plenty of ways to make sure your container is packed efficiently and practically.

Choosing the Right Mobile Storage Container for You

Throughout the pandemonium of getting your storage container properly organized and getting your items stored properly, you’ve already made the right call and choice in the most important aspect of the packing process. This step takes place before packing even begins, but impacts your organization and ability to fit all of your items into your unit in a big way. What is it? Choosing the right container for your needs, that is! Making sure you have the right size of container is imperative to making sure you have the ability to not only pack your container correctly, but to have enough room for all of you or your business’ things in the first place!

Haven’t chosen your mobile storage container yet, and maybe not sure where to start in the process? Consult the friendly and knowledgeable representatives at A1 Mobile Storage Leasing. No matter what use you’re in need of a mobile storage container for, you’re sure to be matched with a container that will fit your items perfectly.

Packing a Storage Container for Residential Use

Now that you’ve chosen the right container for you, it’s time to get it properly packed! When packing a storage container for a move or for personal storage, it’s important to store things as uniformly as possible for both safety and convenience. By using identically sized boxes, or boxes that fit together nicely, you’re saving yourself from the risk of things falling over, and am making your unloading process that much easier.

When packing your unit, make sure to start back to front, and line the wall of your unit with boxes before making your way slowly but surely to the front. Keep your heaviest items at the bottom, and stack lighter or fragile items on top. Ideally, keep fragile items in a different section from regular ones.

Finally, make sure your boxes or totes are strapped into the hooks or to other things in the interior of your container to make sure nothing falls over (whether inside your container or onto you! Make sure to keep the boxes at the front of your unit especially secured, so that they don’t fall out (or on someone) when you open the doors of your container once more.

Packing a Storage Container for Commercial Use

When packing a storage container for commercial use, you’ll want to follow these same strategies, but try to store bulky or ungainly items with like items. Especially if you’re storing supplies for a construction project that do not involve boxes or much uniformity in general, follow these rules as much as you can. Keep heavy, stable items at the bottom, and keep lighter or fragile items protected and on top.

No matter the use of your mobile storage container, you can be secure in knowing that you’ve chosen the most affordable, convenient, and secure storage option for you or your business’ needs. For all of your mobile storage leasing needs, reach out to A1 Mobile Storage Leasing.