What are Portable Storage Containers Used for? 

Prior to looking for your own perfect portable storage solutions with A1 Mobile Storage Leasing, it might be a little tough to know which containers or trailers you might be in the market for, especially if you haven’t looked for portable storage options before. 

Additionally, when you use A1 Mobile Storage Leasing for your container or trailer rental or purchase, you’ll have a huge inventory of options available to you – which can make your choice even harder! However, working with us means you’ll have the storage solution that’s truly tailored to you, while being matched with it by our expert customer service team. This way, you’ll truly be able to know that you’re getting the right option for your business, while also receiving the right price!

So which storage options are right for you? Let’s run you through the types of portable storage containers there are so you have an idea of what’s right for you – before you even work with us!

Types of Portable Storage Containers

When you work with A1 Mobile Storage Leasing, you’ll have a bunch of different options at your fingertips so you receive the best mobile storage container for your needs. But which containers and trailers serve which purpose? Let’s explore. 

Mobile Storage Container Types

At A1MSL, there are plenty of types of mobile storage containers to choose from. 

  • 20’ Storage Boxes 

These mobile storage containers are ideal for use on job sites, in front of office buildings for extra storage, or even for use as mobile offices or conference rooms. 

  • 40’ Storage Boxes

These storage boxes are primarily used for large businesses and can be applied to a variety of needs. From construction projects to storage needs for office renovations or remodels, these large storage containers give businesses secure ways to store equipment and inventory. 

  • Straight Trailers

Straight trailers are ideal storage solutions for a variety of industry needs, from construction storage on job sites, to storage for hotels and offices. These trailers can be used to store anything from furniture to construction equipment. 

  • Drop Deck Units

These units are perfect for businesses who need a lot of extra space for a variety of storage needs. These store twice the amount of items as standard 40’ storage containers, and will keep your items safe, no matter what sort of industry you happen to be in. 

  • Refrigerated Trailers

If you need storage or shipping solutions for items that need refrigeration or temperature control, there’s no better storage resource than our refrigerated trailers. Especially if your items are especially temperature sensitive, these trailers will keep them safe and away from any heat – even during the hottest summer days!

When looking for mobile storage solutions, there’s no better way to make sure you receive the best containers or trailers for you than by investigating the solutions provided to you by A1 Mobile Storage Leasing. We’ve got the inventory and the customer support that will set you up for success every time.